Brazilian. 22 yo. Listens to pop/electro when wants to shake his bones and relieve anxiety, rock'n'rolll when feels rebel and soul/mpb when his heart is calm. Loves music (of course!), movies, art in general, psychology and a thousand other things. This is the place where he expresses his feelings and thoughts + writes and posts anything he wants. If you don't like it, gtfo.
  • Poliafeto

    Se eu soubesse que desapegar seria assim, teria o feito antes.


    September 28 – 300 Notes
  • A thousand things that we shouldn’t forget.

  • It’s been a long time since the last time I opened up my heart and came here to write down things. It’s like I’m not suffering as much as before. Pain. Sorrow. Chemically controlled.

  • Abandono

    Sinto por eles terem me deixado.

  • Fear

    Fear can save your life
    Or ruin your life
    It’s actually a gambling game.

    September 27
  • I don’t have a heart anymore.

  • Odeio quando pessoas que eu gosto se afastam de mim. :-(

  • I’m the gay that your mother warned you about