A thousand faces of me
Brazilian. 22 yo. Listens to pop/electro when wants to shake his bones and relieve anxiety, rock'n'rolll when feels rebel and soul/mpb when his heart is calm. Loves music (of course!), movies, art in general, psychology and a thousand other things. This is the place where he expresses his feelings and thoughts + writes and posts anything he wants. If you don't like it, gtfo.
  • Quanta ansiedade hoje ‘-‘

  • I’m a tryer and I’m not sorry.

  • Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk?
    Making smart with their words again, well I’m bored.

  • sharkeisha:


    well that’s… that’s his penis you can see there

    thank you god


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  • As várias selfies sorridentes são uma maneira de colocar uma peneira no sofrimento? De dizer a todos que está tudo bem, quando na verdade, não está?

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  • Little Robot

    All they want me to be is a little robot
    Under control, sedated
    But baby, I am so much more than that
    But baby, I got a wild heart that can’t be tamed
    But baby, I have feelings blossoming
    But baby, I have rage that can’t be ended

  • Kill me
    Cause I crave for what I can’t have.

  • Iguais e diferentes

    Vontades concomitantes de ser igual e diferente dos outros.

  • Fuga

    Encontrar a saída de emergência da vida adulta.

  • Todo mundo já quis um amor de cinema.

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